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Lobelia Extract

In a base of pure grain alcohol, Lobelia extract can be used as a dietary supplement for the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. Many eclectic physicians used herbs as their mainstream medicine and considered Lobelia to be one of the most important and effective plant medicines available.

Lobelia extract has been used to treat coughs and spasms in the lungs from all sorts of causes, as well as spasms elsewhere in the body, including the intestines and ureters (passages from the kidney to the bladder). Lobelia was also considered a useful pain reliever and in higher doses was used to induce vomiting in persons who had been poisoned.

If used skillfully, we concur that there is no vegetable which the earth produces that is less harmless in its effects on the human system, and none more powerful in removing disease and promoting health. A general corrector of the whole system, Lobelia is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body.

As a relaxant, it is believed to be the best counter-irritant known. Its action is felt immediately to the serous, mucous, muscular and nervous systems, especially the sympathetic nervous system.

As a powerful antispasmodic, Lobelia causes immediate relaxation and expansion of any contracted parts of the respiratory system, such as bronchial tubes, esophagus, glottis and larynx. This allows oxygenized blood to flow freely to the tissues.

Lobelia is especially important in removing obstruction and congestion within the body, especially the blood vessels. If there is depression through the vasomotor system, it corrects this, and strengthens the muscular action of the vessel walls, which propel the blood, thus being a key to health throughout the body.

Benefits of Lobelia Extract - Ailments Treated

Lobelia has been traditionally used to treat and relieve respiratory ailments. It has been used to treat asthma, bronchitis, coughs, pneumonia, colds and flu.  Interestingly enough, Lobelia is commonly used as an aid to stopping smoking, sometimes in combination with cramp bark .

One of the alkaloids, lobeline, has effects on humans similar to those of nicotine and can be helpful in treating the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These properties may explain the use of the plant to treat hangovers and alcoholism.

A potentially toxic herb, Lobelia can be safely used in small doses (particularly homeopathic doses), but moderate-to-large doses may cause side effects ranging from dry mouth and nausea to convulsions and even coma. You should use it only under the supervision of your health care provider. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us | Privacy